Penobscot European Burmese
Penobscot's European Burmese Foundation Cats
While these kitties are now retired, they are certainly a part of our cattery and hearts, as they were our foundation cats. Their legacy lives in some of the cats we are using in our program today and we are very appreciative that these cats were and are family members. They have earned their retirement.
GC, BW, RW Charm's Ace High of PenobscotGC, BW, RW Charm's Ace High of Penobscot GC Penobscot's Double Down of JomarkatGC Penobscot's Double Down of Jomarkat
GC Charm's Poker Chip of RenobscotGC Charm's Poker Chip of Penobscot CH Bijoux Cats Diamond Lil of PenobscotCH Bijoux Cats Diamond Lil of Penobscot
GC Moravanka Touch of GoldGC Moravanka Touch of Gold
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