Penobscot European Burmese
Penobscot's European Burmese Cats
GC, BW, RW Charm's Ace High of PenobscotGC, RW Sabokah Irish Kiss of Penobscot GC, RW Penobscot's Show Me Now of JomarkatGC, RW Penobscot's Show Me Now of Jomarkat
GC, RW, NW Penobscot's Lilac Moon of JomarkatGC RW NW Penobscot's Lilac Moon of Jomarkat GC, BW, RW Penobscot's Amethyst of JomarkatGC, BW, RW Penobscot's Amethyst of Jomarkat
GC, NW Aurora Didgendoo of PenobscotGC, NW Aurora Didgendoo of Penobscot
CH, RW Sabokah Lilac Versace of PenobscotCH, RW Sabokah Lilac Versace of Penobscot

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