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Please activate Java... As you probably noticed, one of the kitties pictured isn't exactly a short-haired European Burmese, but rather a long-haired, Copper-Eyed White Persian named GC, RW Penobscot Rah Rah Rah of Jomarkat. We at Penobscot simply love cats in various styles. We bred and showed Persians for almost 30 years before we started breeding our European Burmese. Our last litter of Persians was in 2008. Please enjoy reminiscing witlh us at Penobscot Persians.

I am Ginger Gunlock and I work closely with Joann McKinster (Jomarkat Cattery). Joann and I have been best friends for over 25 years and we do indeed share our love of and respect for felines.

Joann and I were approached by a very good friend of many years, Pat Swihart, when the European Burmese were still in Miscellaneous Class. They needed more breeders to advance the breed and we jumped at the chance to try something new and different as well as see a breed through the process to Championship status. We've been hooked on the breed ever since our first European Burmese kitties arrived in August, 1999. The breed was advanced to Championship status in May, 2002. We are the proud co-owners of the first European Burmese National Breed Winner, GC, BW, RW Charm's Ace High of Penobscot. Other "firsts" include the first Chocolate Grand Champion and the first Lilac Grand Champion. It has been fun and interesting to show something that will go down into history.

The European Burmese is an elegant, yet sturdy cat. It is medium sized with good bone structure, excellent muscular development, expressive eyes and a sweet expression. European Burmese are highly intelligent, affectionate and extremely loyal; therefore, they make outstanding pets. To see examples of our history-making European Burmese, proceed next to CATS.

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